Class: SPSManager

SPSManager Class


This class provides methods for opening documents for editing directly from Sharepoint site and saving back to site without download and upload steps. This includes editing Microsoft Office documents as well as any other file types and works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


static ITHit.WebDAV.Client.SPSManager.Version

Version of SPS Library


static ITHit.WebDAV.Client.SPSManager.SharePointEditDocument(pageContext, sDocumentUrls, errorCallback, sCommand)


Opens document from Sharepoint sites for editing or printing using davX: protocol and prompts to install the protocol it if not found.

Name Type Description
pageContext PageContext The SharePoint page context object.
sDocumentUrls string Array of document URLs to be opened for editing from server. All documents must be located under the same sharepoint site. Must be a full URL(s) including the domain name.
errorCallback function optional Function to call if document opening failed. Typically you will request the protocol installation in this callback. If not specified a default message offering protocol installation will be displayed.
sCommand string optional Command to use when opening the document. Supported options are:
  • 'Edit' - Opens a document for editing.
  • 'OpenWith' - Show system 'Open With' dialog to select application to be used to open a document. This option is supported on Windows only.
  • 'Print' - Prints a document. The application that prints a document is running in a minimized state and automatically closes if printing is successful. If printing fails, the application remains open. To print multiple documents, pass a list of documents as a first parameter. This option is supported on Windows only.
Default is 'Edit'.